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Before booking your charter, answer these 10 questions to help guide you in making the best decisions to fit your needs. 


1. What trip will work best for me?  That depends on what you want to bring back! We offer a variety of trips, first being our 4 hour introduction trip. 4 hours consist of nearshore trolling, that is where the boat stays around 3-5 miles offshore and is constantly moving to target species such as Spanish and King mackera, bonito, cobia ect.  The boat has 2-4 lines out at a time and as something hits, you will rotate anglers in your group to reel them in. This type trip is good for those who want the opportunity to catch a few fish for dinner. Our 6,8,10 and 12 hour trips are our bottom fishing trips. These trips go from 8 up to 25 miles offshore.  Travel time will depend on the length of trip, you will be trolling out to the bottom fishing grounds. Once there, everyone will have a rod and reel and will drop down to target reef species such as red snapper, vermilion snapper, triggerfish, amberjack ect just to name a few. Keep in mind when selecting your trip, due to many factors such as regulations and seasons, the longer the trip the better the chances at keeper fish, bigger fish and variety.  If you still arent sure what  trip would suit you best, no problem! Give Marian a call in the office, she will get you pointed in the right direction.


2. What about the boats?  Our boats are comfortably sized at 38 and 40 foot in length. Our larger boats, Fairwater, Southwind and TradeWinds offer walk around decks to spread out along the boat. All 5 boats have enclosed cabins, some cheaper charter boats have an open cabin, meaning if it gets rough or rains, you will get wet. Our boats have fully enclosed cabin to help you stay dry and get shelter from the hot sun. If you need to lay down and take a nap, we even have bunks!


3. Does your boat have plenty of cold air for comfort on those hot summer days? All of our boats have two newly installed air conditioning units inside the cabin for a quick escape from the heat.


4. Does your boat have an experienced crew? Our crew includes seasoned and professional fishing veterans. We have been working charters for a long time, and don’t plan on going anywhere else.


5. Does your boat have a nice bathroom? Our boats are equipped with full stand up bathrooms, which we keep nice and clean.


6. Can your boat handle the weather? Our boats are built to handle rough weather safely, so much so that when the water gets rough, we can stay out and fish.


7. Does your boat have nice fishing tackle? We keep our tackle in tip-top shape, replacing rods and reels before they become worn out, making your experience more enjoyable.


8. Does your boat like kids? We know…it’s a funny question to ask! But, it’s very important. We love kids and having them on our boats!


9. Does your boat catch fish on a consistent basis? We have been in the fish catching business for 34 years and continue to be successful. Just take a look at the photos throughout our website.


10. What do you need to bring on your trip now that its booked?  A cooler with your food and drinks, hats, sunglasses, plenty of water to stay hydrated! That is all! We have you covered with your fishing needs, your bait, license and tackle are taken care of.